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iPads for Everyone!

It’s Official!
St. Anne’s-Belfield School announced today that all faculty will receive iPad2′s before the end of the school year. During closing faculty meetings, all faculty will receive introductory training and will then be asked to get comfortable with them & to explore ways in which the iPad can enhance teaching and learning in their classroom. This website will provide resources to help do that!
Next school year, each division will share a cart of 20 iPads for student use. Of course, at any time a teacher can use their own iPad …

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So, in less than 3 hours the iPads will officially be launched!
There have been LOTS of little details to manage, but I feel pretty good about today’s plan.
I’ve created a Google Presentation to guide the basic training.
The IT folks have spent this week increasing (& aggregating) 2 additional cable lines to bring our bandwidth on the Greenway Rise campus up to 47  Mbps (up from 15 earlier.) Folks from ANS were here to set up equipment from Meru to enable all of our teachers to get IP addresses in our …

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We received delivery of 140 iPads on May 2nd & have been busy setting them up ever since then!
Originally, we had decided to create unique, generic email addresses as apple ids (ipad001@stab.org) that would belong to the iPad, as opposed to the user. This is definitely something that I had seen as a recommendation during my research & at first it seemed like a good idea. But, in the end, we’ve decided not to go that route for several reasons:

If the goal of the unique id was to retain school …